Saying goodbye to the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron

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The end of 2018 also sees the end of a very important part of my life.

I recently secured a new job, which meant saying goodbye to the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.

Entering the Squadron as a thalassaphobic waitress, I eventually worked my way up through ranks and through departments to become the Communications and Special Projects Manager – my first ever full time job.

I’ve experienced sensational events, worked with exceptional people and accomplished some of the greatest work of my lifetime so far. I worked beyond my means, pushed boundaries, overcame my phobia and broke through as many ceilings as I could. There were many adjustments, challenges, hurdles and heartbreaks; but I’ve ultimately walked away a stronger and more resilient person and professional. Working at RQYS was above all, rewarding.

I am grateful to everyone who educated, encouraged and supported me these past few years. I’ve been very fortunate to have been given the opportunities and experiences I’ve had – both off and on the water.

Good luck and best wished to everyone at RQYS in 2019! I’ll be hoping for smooth sailing in my new job next year.

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