Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Internship Portfolio

I was selected in the first intake of Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games interns through the Griffith-GOLDOC partnership. The experience I had over the summer working with GOLDOC’s digital media team was not only educational and developed me as a student and professional, but was one of the most fun and engaging programs I’ve completed during my undergraduate studies.

The greatest lesson I took away from the 12-week internship did not pertain to my writing abilities or publication skills, but rather I garnered a greater understanding of what it is to function in a multi-faceted, hierarchically authoritative corporate structure – how to work in a work environment.

This is something that is impossible to learn in the classroom. Assessment completed as a student requires no mediation before submission, and students work very autonomously in comparison to their professional counterparts.

I feel as though I have become a more rounded individual and employee. To the point that I feel as though I could comfortably enter into the workforce and adapt quickly and easily into a work environment – rather than having to stumble around for months trying to find my feet in the staff structure.

Here is a Log Book of the activities completed by myself (and Hayley, as we regularly worked together on the same jobs at the same time) completed during my internship. 

Below is a portfolio containing descriptors and attached examples of the work I completed during my time at GOLDOC:

GOLDOC Intern Promotional Videos

Our first day was mostly consumed with photo opportunities and videoing. In order to acclimatize us to the environment and ensure an easy transition into our time at GOLDOC, resident videographer Jan spent the day with Tracey, Dan, Hayley and I filming b-roll as well as interviews with us about our motivations to intern for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Tracey was hoping to upload the videos to GC2018 website and social media channels, however approval did not come timely enough.

GOLDOC Promotional Video

Griffith Promotional Video

Youth Demographic Social Media Strategy

Hayley Payne (co-intern) and I were tasked with collaboratively compiling a social media strategy to assist GOLDOC with harnessing the opportunities of youth engagement and capturing the youth market for future ticket and merchandise sales.

The report required extensive research and analysis in the (un)success and (in)efficacy of not only GOLDOC’s social media channels, but also of other ‘exemplary’ social media accounts: such as QPS and HoNY.

Ultimately, recommendations had to be made as to how GOLDOC could alter their current social media engagement strategies to better connect with a younger audience, and to satisfy GOLDOC’s own communication goals.

Social Media Strategy Report

Explanatory Information for each Commonwealth Games Sport

The second most extensive task completed during my time at GOLDOC was the writing of blurbs for each of the (then) 22 sports intended to feature at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. There are now 23 sports, with the inclusion of Beach Volleyball. This task was delegated to the Digital Media Team by the Sports Team, as a consequence completing this task involved inter-departmental cooperation and coordination, resulting in the development of numerous drafts before the information could finally be published on the GC2018 Website.

In order to complete the task, I had to not only research the background and fundamental elements of each sport, but I also had to procure statistics from previous Commonwealth Games and frame the sports in the context of Commonwealth Games history. This was a multidimensional and relatively demanding task which consumed numerous days of work. Although the finished product is something that I am very proud of and I hope will inform many prospective Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games attendees.

Within the attached document below, there are three progressions for each sport: the initial draft, the final edit with all information and lastly the published content.

Commonwealth Games Sports

Explanatory Information for each Commonwealth Games Host City

Similarly to the above ‘Sports Briefs’, I was also tasked with replicating the same research and report process for the 4 major host cities of the Gold Coat 2018 Commonwealth Games: the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns. These briefs also went through a development process, with information being added and subtracted with each editing stage.

Each ‘Host City Brief’ had to contain pertinent information on what each city was offering in terms of the sports featuring at the GC2018 Games, as well as information useful to tourists.

The Places

Regions Profiles for Africa, the Americas and Asia

The profiles for the Commonwealth regions were divided between myself and Hayley, with both of us taking responsibility for three regions each. I wrote briefs for Africa, the Americas and Asia. This tasks was particularly research intesive, as it required information about the regions’ involvement with the Commonwealth, as well as their participation in the Commonwealth Games.

Regions Profiles – Africa_Americas_Asia

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for Website

Hayley and I were tasked with collaboratively developing GOLDOC’s Reconciliation Action Plan. We were provided with examplar RAP’s from other organisations, as well as GOLDOC specific information about the goals and motivations of the Corporation.

In compiling this collection of disassociated information together, we were able to developed a cohesive and structured RAP for GOLDOC.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Website FAQs

This task required more autonomy than previous jobs, where both Hayley and I scoured through GOLDOC’s social media channels and website to identify the most frequently asked questions. Then, we went about procuring the answers to these questions from the relevant GOLDOC departments – such as Sport, Transport and Volunteers.

We then complied a document which included these repeatedly asked questions and their answers, which was later used on the GC2018 website and Facebook page.

Website FAQs

Social Media Engagement Schedule

A big portion of my experience at GOLDOC was dedicated to working on GOLDOC’s social media, both through the aforementioned strategy and through the creation of social media content.

One way in which this content was created and used by GOLDOC was through the various Social Media Schedules developed during my internship. This process involved creating a timeline of potential social media posts to be used on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over an allocated period of time, and sometimes within a specific brief (such as trying to motivate audiences to subscribe to the GC2018 newsletter).

The posts had to stay on brand and articulate the GC2018 message as accurately as possible while also following the communication guidelines of the Corporation. This was particularly important when developing a cohesive ‘Tone of Voice’ and ensuring that the articulation of the message met the GOLDOC communication guiding principles (which can be found in the Appendix of the Social Media Strategy).

Social Media Schedule

Identification of Potential Brand Advocates / Ambassadors Opportunities

An important part of any really successful marketing campaign or public relations strategy is getting other prominent people to advocate for your organisation so that your communication can more effectively reach a wider audience.

And so, another task that was delegated to us was to compile a spreadsheet of potential ‘brand advocates’ or ‘brand ambassadors’ who GOLDOC could reach out to and negotiate a situation where they either share our content, promote us with their own organic content or be invited to GOLDOC events and activities so as to generate greater publicity.

This involved careful and considerate research into prominent public and social media entities, be it individuals or organisations, who may have an affinity for the Commonwealth Games, Australian sports or even international sport who might be willing to work with GOLDOC.

Brand Advocates_Potential Ambassadors

Transcripts & Closed Captions for Videos

GOLDOC is committed to delivering an inclusive Commonwealth Games, and as part of that commitment all GC2018 media and content should be as easily accessible as possible for everyone.

My final task at GOLDOC prior to the completion of my internship was to create transcripts and closed caption documents for the existing videos on the GC2018 website. As the first person to do this, I also had to develop an instruction manual to ensure that any subsequent employees or interns would be able to quickly and easily create transcripts / closed caption documents for any future videos.