Griffith University’s Muslim World Study Tour 2014

In 2014, I embarked on a journey of a lifetime with a group of people who have enriched my life insurmountably. I cannot begin to express how grateful I was to be accepted onto the Muslim World Study Tour program, the  knowledge and skills I gained from the experience will stay with me for my lifetime. I was improved not only as a student and scholar, but also as citizen of this global community we live in.

The Muslim World Study Tour is a short-term mobility program run by Griffith University that gives students a unique international experience as part of their degree. It spans four countries – Malaysia, Turkey, Spain and Morocco – over 30 days, and encompasses the major aspects of Muslim and Islamic culture and life in these countries.

As part of the program’s assessment, students are made to create a blog about their experiences and observations in these countries upon returning home from the tour. I began my blog before leaving and updated it throughout the adventure (or at least tried to), which enhanced the learning process greatly.

This was also the first piece of work / assessment that I’ve been really proud of; which consequently inspired me to create this blog where I hope to record important events or insights in my life and showcase any work of mine (or others) that I find particularly interesting!

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